All Purpose Wipes – 40 Count Tub

A more portable size for the glove box, tool box or tackle box. These 7″ x 8″ towels arm your customers with cleaning power no matter where they go.


  • 10″ X 12″ extra large scrubbing towel has twice the cleaning surface of typical wipes – cleans more, lasts longer
  • Fiber weave design grabs grime and holds up to vigorous scrubbing needed for tough jobs
  • Amazing blend of 9 Powerful Cleaners cleans up the toughest messes
  • Proprietary Cleaning Solution only available in Tub O'Towels
  • Powerful cleaning solution is 100% biodegradable, low VOC's and much lower solvent content vs. other cleaners
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance preferred over offensive, solvent based cleaners
  • Higher density tub/packaging prevents towels from drying out
  • Secondary benefit – excellent hand cleaner with aloe, lanolin and vitamin E leaves hands clean and soft

SSECO SOLUTIONS is a trusted GASOILA Product Distributor

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