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Permatank® Double-Wall

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Designed to Reduce Installation Costs and Increase Site Layout Flexibility

Service Tanks Permatank® is the intelligent business decision for today and future compliance. Permatank is constructed to be compatible with a wide range of fuels and chemicals, including biodiesel and ethanol.

Strength of Steel Encapsulated in Fiberglass

Permatank is uniquely constructed for “Peace-of-Mind” performance. The inner tank is constructed of steel for maximum structural strength, while the outer tank is reinforced with an exterior wall of fiberglass that is corrosion-resistant. A unique standoff material separates the inner and outer tanks—creating a uniform interstitial space that ensures rapid and accurate leak detection.

  • UL-1746 built tank with inner steel tank built to UL-58 specification.
  • All-welded steel construction is compatible with all fuels.
  • Inner steel tank is layered with a standoff mesh and polyester film to provide sufficient space for monitoring the interstice.
  • Outer wall is formed of 100 mils minimum fiberglass.
  • Precision Test System (PTS) is installed to monitor the interstice.

Permatanks may be constructed with our standard openings, or to fit specific needs.

Optional Features

  • Manholes
  • Sumps
  • Multiple Compartments
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