Smart Fill Gen 2

The SmartFill Gen 2 from Fluid Management Technology is one of the best cloud based system in the market.

Fuel records, such as: time; volume; which fuels are dispensed; vehicle ID and user ID are recorded and uploaded in real time to the cloud via either a LAN, Wi-Fi or Cellular (3G/4G) connection.

Using the cloud system, the data can be instantly accessed by anyone who needs the data over the cloud, such as accountants or fleet managers. It is also useful to know that alerts for unusual fuel usage can be sent to your phone via SMS over the cellular network or email via the internet.

If your business loses its communication network, data can still be downloaded via USB from a port on the front panel.

Data recorded by SmartFill Gen 2 can be securely accessed online, with no need for any special software. The web based reporting allows for easy customisation of graphs and reports, choosing which ones work best for you and the bonus about this way of reporting is that it is free to access.

SmartFill Gen 2 records the past five- thousand (5,000) fuel records in memory at the physical unit, meaning that you will have a complete history of any issues that have arisen with refuelling in your company even if cloud connection temporarily is lost.

SmartFill Gen 2 can track up to two-thousand (2,000) vehicles, with security features that can restrict access to fuel by vehicle or driver, and by preselected times or volume, ensuring that fuel is only dispensed by authorised users into authorised vehicles at authorised times and authorised amounts. This minimises the risk of wasted or pilfered fuel.


  • Connects to your fuel bowser and is operated with durable NFC cards, Fobs and PIN.
  • Data is easy to access via a web browser. No need for special software.
  • Networked communications keeps your fuel records up-to-date in real time.
  • Easy to service with click-in & click-out modules. No need for special technical skills.
  • Is proven to be the most reliable and cost effective solution on the market
  • Records fuel use for up to 2,000 vehicles
  • Records the past 5,000 fuel issues in memory
  • Data is always available for easy reporting and accounting
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