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FuelMaster 3505 Plus

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  • FuelMaster's patented radio frequency identification tag (RFID) eliminates inaccurate driver-entered data from the fueling and data collection process. The odometer or chronometer data, along with other information is automatically collected by the island fuel management unit without driver effort. An AIM (Automotive Information Module) unit is connected directly to a vehicle's OBD port, and collects vital informartion, and then sends it to the fuel management unit by RF during fueling operations. This system works concurrently with the use of ProKees or smart cards so that the (AIM) units may be added to equipment currently using electronic read/write access devices.
  • Based on odometer/hour readings, the system calculates vehicle efficiency and fuel consumption and alerts the driver and supervisor to maintenance requirements.
  • The addition of a tank monitor interface kit permits automatic reconciliation of tank levels with FuelMaster‘s declining balance and interfaces with most popular tank monitors.
  • Windows based software operating on a SQL platform
  • Transaction data can be easily exported to most fleet maintenance or accounting programs
  • A real-time, on-site journal printer can provide hard copy backups of all transactions. A receipt printer is also available
  • Compatible with alternative fuels and can control and measure any liquid or gaseous fuel
  • The FuelMaster system may be expanded to control an almost limitless number of fueling sites. Each site consists of a master unit with up to eight satellite units
  • All units are warranted for one year from date of installation or fifteen months from date of shipment.
    Modular design and construction ensure reliability and ease of maintenance of your FuelMaster Fuel Management System. Site operators can quickly and easily change out modular components, if necessary, with the assistance of FuelMaster certified technicians

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