FlexWorks Flexible Piping

Features & Benefits

What Makes This Pipe Different?

Lower installation costs

  • Increased Pipe Flexibility – the force required to bend the pipe has been reduced to facilitate piping layout. This makes installation quicker and easier, especially in cold weather.
  • Pipe Weight – has been reduced to facilitate shipping and handling
  • Pipe Memory – Inherent pipe memory has been reduced significantly to facilitate connection of pipes inside sumps
  • Redesigned Profile – enhanced leak detection performance
  • Enhanced Kynar Pipe Liner – fluoropolymer chemical structure makes it dense and permeation resistant

UL Listings

FlexWorks double wall piping is listed with Underwriter’s Laboratories under file #MH16678 and labeled as follows: Motor Vehicle Fuels, High Blend Fuels, Concentrated Fuels and Aviation and Marine.

UL Listed Warranted Fuels

Below are the listed fuels that have been tested under UL971 and are warranted for use with the FlexWorks Flexible Piping System.

Motor Vehicle Fuels

100% ASTM Reference Fuel No. 2
100% ASTM Reference Fuel C
85% Reference Fuel C – 15% MTBE
70% Reference Fuel C – 30% Ethanol
85% Reference Fuel C – 15% Methanol

High Blend Fuels

50% Reference Fuel C – 50% Methanol
50% Reference Fuel C – 50% Ethanol

Concentrated Fuels

100% Methanol
100% Ethanol
100% Toluene

Aviation and Marine Fuels

100% Premium Leaded Gas
100% Kerosene

* 3rd Party Approved for DEF

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